Master Roofing BBB Business Review

Roof Maxx Shingle Restoration

Terry called us out to his home for a re-roofing estimate because he was finding large amounts of shingle granules beneath his downspouts after rainstorms. He also noticed that his driveway and walkways were covered in granules when the wind would blow. We went out to assess the roof and provide Terry with an estimate. Upon inspection of the roof we determined that the shingles were still in good condition but had reached the part of their life that they were going to rapidly deteriorate. Our estimator informed Terry that asphalt shingles wear rapidly when the asphalt is baked and dried out toward the end of their life. Granule loss is a key indicator that the asphalt can no longer expand and contract with temperature changes and that it has become dry and brittle. Due to the condition of the roof, we could extend the life of the roof by 10 years for 20% of what a re-roof would cost. As a 5 Star Roof Maxx dealer, we presented Terry with the option to postpone a re-roof and reverse the aging process using a Roof Maxx treatment. We scheduled an appointment and came out to apply Roof Maxx’s bio-based soy oil treatment to the shingles. The entire process took about 3 hours. When we finished we provided Terry with his warranty from Roof Maxx Corporate.
“Master Roofing was great to work with. I was happy to find out that there was an option to maintain my roof instead of tearing it off. When I looked into Roof Maxx I was surprised that they have been around for several years and I had not heard of them. I live right on the lake and every time the wind would blow I would have to get a blower out to clean off my driveway. A few days after they did the Roof Maxx spray the wind blew and there were no granules on my driveway! The roof looks newer and not faded gray anymore too. ”