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Real Estate Inspections & Certifications

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Most home inspectors are out of their depth when it comes to roofing. Before you buy a home, call us to have the roof professionally inspected.

Purchasing a home? Don’t be surprised by a large expense.

Roofing is one of the most expensive home services. Many home inspectors are not qualified to determine if the roof on the home you are under contract for will last. Home inspectors only inspect the condition of the roofing materials that they see. Extra layers are costly to remove. In many older homes in Utah, the skip sheathed roof decks are outside of building code and need to have new decking installed. Master Roofing provides you with a comprehensive 30 point inspection and an estimate of re-roofing costs to ensure that you aren’t surprised by a large expense on your new home. Call us today to schedule your roofing inspection.

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